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To develop a quality product at a reduced cost, quality needs to be designed into the process, and focus must be on the target value instead of just being in spec. Deviations from the target result in losses in the form of inspection, scrap, rework, warranty costs, increased cycle time, design changes, tied up capital, and increased inventories. 
Lean Six Sigma is truly a remarkable problem-solving technology. One of the best things students learn is the ability to see the possibilities. You know what issues and problems confront your everyday work experience. When you can see the power of Lean Six Sigma, you will be able to do something about these problems like you have never done before.







At Lean Training and Consulting (LeanTAC), we provide certified training for businesses and individuals the opportunity to learn in person at our on-site training sessions or through our self-paced, online environment. Although the online training is independent, we offer the personalized support of a Master Black Belt at no extra charge. All training is interactive with the MBB instructor via webinars coupled with your training. If you have questions while you’re taking our course, help from an expert is just an e-mail away. We genuinely care that you learn the material and are able to successfully apply the theories to real life scenarios.


Our on-site instruction is interactive and includes weekly follow up visits in web meetings as well as a no-charge visit by our Master Black Belt to your site, which helps to produce real results.

Our courses have been designed to build students’ knowledge and capability to improve the performance of processes and, therefore, substantially increase the performance of their companies. Online training delivers the same message to all participants. While it takes discipline to finish an online course, it takes that same discipline to be a self-motivated Lean Six Sigma leader.demo button spanish white belt.jpg





Our training program has several advantages over traditional classroom training. Because our program is self-paced, students can avoid reaching the “saturation point” that can occur after just a few hours in a classroom. Also, because our students are equipped with a text book and an online program, they benefit from being able to both see and hear the material. Our past students have had high praise for the program.


Online and onsite training available. Please contact us for a quote for onsite training.




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We are proud to offer a 30% Military Discount to everyone who is serving or has served in any branch of the U.S. military, including Military Civilians.  Please enter the coupon code MILITARY30 at checkout time.  







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Lean Training and Consulting, Inc. is accredited by the International Association for Six Sigma Certification






 US Federal Contractor Registration
Lean Training and Consulting, Inc. is a Verified Vendor registered with the United States Federal Contractor Registration.



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